The Marbled Ray (known as the Blotched Fantail Ray in the European releases of the games) is a species of stingray that appears in both of the Endless Ocean games.

In-Game Description

"This ray has a thicker body than most and a long tail with a poisonous stinger. Some have a scattering of black blotches while others are almost totally black.

[You Won't Just be Wounded...]

Although not normally aggressive, when it feels threatened, it will bend its tail up so that its stinger is aimed forwards. It can inflict severe wounds and also inject poison, resulting in a very dangerous injury."


Endless Ocean

Marbled Rays are found inside the Underwater Ruins of Mo'ia Atoll, patrolling in small circles close to the seafloor.

Endless Ocean 2

These creatures are found in Gatama Atoll, stationed on sandy areas of the seafloor among rocks and coral.


They float around slowly and solitarily, patrolling the seafloor in slow circles, and they occasionally flap their fins to stir up dust. They will also do this if the player pokes or pets them.

Their trivia can be obtained by feeding them.


  • The common name more often used for this creature is the Round Ribbontail Ray, as it appears on the Wikipedia page.
  • Though these creatures are active in-game during both the daytime and the nighttime, these creatures are actually primarily nocturnal in real life.

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