The Mauve Stinger is a small type of jellyfish that can be found in both Endless Ocean games.

In-Game Description

"Its dome-shaped umbrella has eight feelers extending from the edge and four belt-shaped organs known as oral arms hanging down from the center. It has luminescent cells all over its body that light up when stimulated.

[Skipping Ahead]

Many jellyfish in the class scyphozoa go through a stage living on the ocean floor as a polyp as they mature. This species develops in an unusual way, skipping this growth stage and moving on to the floating stage."


Endless Ocean

These can be found around Deep Valley at night, like the Crystal Jelly, and in the Ocean's Graveyard. In both instances, they are only under zoom-mode patches.

Endless Ocean 2

In the second game, these are found in Valka Castle , around the Underwater Gallery and Mermaid's Ballroom, under zoom-mode glows.


They float around, usually a solitary jellyfish among other creatures, like small fish or sea slugs. They respond well to being fed.

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