Mele Patswa's Pocket

Mele Patswa's Pocket, called The Thimble of Mele Patua in the North American release of Endless Ocean, is a small landmark that is not marked on the player's main map, making it somewhat difficult to find.

Local Life

The Pocket's main feature is the giant barrel sponge situated there. Living 'inside' the Pocket are a Clown Triggerfish, a Moorish Idol, a Blue-Green Chromis, and, under a zoom-mode spot, two Starck's Demoiselle.

Location and Geography

The Pocket can be found inside the Blue Hall area at coordinates L-3, to the Northeast of the coordinate square. It is somewhat nondescript, being simply a small, elevated rock shelf with the aforementioned barrel sponge being its main feature. This makes it somewhat difficult for players to find it if they don't know what they're looking for. However, the on-screen text box will pop up when the player finds this location, thus letting them know that they have indeed found the Pocket.