The Mertensia Ovum (also known as the Egg Mertensia) is a small species of sea life native to very cold waters.

In-Game Description

"This translucent round creature gleams with all the colours of the rainbow. The colour comes from light reflecting off the fine hairs in the comb ridges on its body."


Endless Ocean 2

Mertensia Ovum are seen in the North Coast of Canada area, under zoom-mode glows. It is recommended that the player bring Catherine with them whenever they are searching for this creature, as she makes the zoom-mode glows easier to spot.


These small creatures float about under glows, ranging from one to three in numbers. They do not respond to stimuli.


  • Some other names for this creature besides the two listed are the Arctic Comb Jelly and the Sea Nut.
  • This creature is actually weakly bioluminescent in blue and green colours, though the game does not show this.
  • Unlike other jellyfish, its tentacles do not sting its prey; instead, the tentacles release a sticky, adhesive substance that aids it in capturing its meals.
  • Similarly to garden snails and sea sponges, Mertensia Ovum is hermaphroditic, meaning that it has sets of genitalia associated with both the male and female sexes.

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