Monkfish/Japanese Anglerfish
Type of animal: Anglerfish
Species: Lophius litulon
Length: 1.3 m/4 ft 4 in
What it looks like: A large, flat, brown fish
Location: Deep Valley (EO), Ciceros Strait (EO2)
Forms: Adult only

The Monkfish (also known as the Japanese Anglerfish) is a marine animal

In-Game Description

"This fish is flat and extremely thin with a protuberance on its' large head.

Its mouth is full of large, sharp teeth which can fold inwards. The protuberance on its head is actually formed by spines from its dorsal fin."

Angler of the Sea

The anglerfish can normally be found buried in the sand with only its protuberance showing. There is a lure-like part at the tip which is used to entice prey towards it. When prey draws near, the anglerfish opens its mouth and instantly swallows its prey along with a large quantity of water.

It can even eat creatures over half its size.


Endless Ocean

These can be found around Deep Valley and Mermaid Grotto.

Endless Ocean 2

These can be found in Ciceros Strait, around H-1, G-6, C-7 and D-7


They are solitary and rest on the ocean floor


  • These can be found day and night, but the ones at the Triton Village Ruins (C&D-7) are only there during the daytime.

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