The Monster Shrimp Goby (also known as the Tomiyama Shrimp Goby) is a species of goby that makes an appearance in both games in the Endless Ocean series.

In-Game Description

Endless Ocean

"These animals have long skinny bodies with protruding eyes. They are generally grey in colour with large white spots. They can be seen year-round in the sandy shallows of Manoa Lai."

Endless Ocean: Blue World

"This fish has slightly protruding eyes and brown patches on its sides. It has sensory organs called pit organs and sensory pipes in its head that help it to detect the movement of prey and predators. These organs are extremely small, almost impossible to see with the naked eye. Nesting in the sand, ir forms a symbiotic relationship with certain types of shrimp."


Endless Ocean

The Monster Shrimp Goby can be seen, like many other kinds of goby, in sandy and shallow areas all around Manoa Lai, under zoom-mode glows.

Endless Ocean: Blue World

This creature can only be found in Gatama Atoll, and even then only at the F-6 coordinate, exactly South of the island near the Private Reef Entrance.


The goby hides in a hole in the sand, often paired with a shrimp, and switches between retreating into its hole and poking its head out to investigate its surroundings. It likes food.


  • The Monster Shrimp Goby's scientific name, Tomiyamichthys Oni, makes a reference to the "monster" part of its common name in the second half, "oni", which is a kind of Japanese monster that appears in folklore frequently.
  • This creature can be somewhat hard to find in Endless Ocean 2, as it is only in one, very small location. It is recommended that players bring Oceane with them to aid in their investigation of zoom-mode glows.

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