The Moon Jellyfish is a small species of jellyfish.

In-Game Description

"Over 95% of its transparent body is made up of water and its umbrella is covered with a four leaf clover pattern.

There are huge outbreaks of them from time to time.

[Danger - Do Not Touch!]

Most jellyfish have stings inside venomous stinging cells called nematocysts. This species is quite poisonous but their sting is not very painful, maybe because the sting is too short to penetrate deeply into the skin, or because the area stung is small.

However, their venom can cause an acute and damaging allergic reaction and so they should not be allowed to come into contact with bare skin."


Endless Ocean 2

These small jellyfish can be found in large groups in Ciceros Strait, around coordinates C/E-2, B/D-3, and G-8.


These float in large, loose groups over coral and rocky areas. To unlock this creature's trivia, you must take a picture of it.


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