The Multicolorfin Rainbowfish (Halichoeres poecilopterus) is a small, bright fish commonly seen in schools.


"Males are green, while females are a pale red. All of the species begin life as females, but some later change sex to become male, changing color in the process. As only the larger females become males, their green coloring serves to signify that this change has taken place."


Endless Ocean

Groups of Multicolourfin Rainbowfish can be seen everywhere in the Manoa Lai Sea, but only in the springtime.

Endless Ocean: Blue World

These fish can be found schooling in Gatama Atoll and Ciceros Strait.


  • In Endless Ocean, the male and female do not get separate encyclopedia entries; however, in Endless Ocean 2 they do.
    • In spite of this, the encyclopedia entries in E.O. 2 are identical for both genders.


  • A good view of the striking colours this fish can sport.
  • This picture highlights the neon-green sides of the fish.
  • One of these fish being held by a fisherman.

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