The Musca Coin, one of the one hundred Constellation Coins found in Endless Ocean: Blue World, is found in the Zahhab Region Depths, in the western area of co-ordinates B-2, at the very end of the Northernmost "prong" of the North Crevasse. In this coin's zoom-mode spot a pair of Deep-Sea Blind Shrimp make their homes.


  • The name of this coin's constellation, Musca, translates from Latin into English as "fly", pertaining to the insect.
    • For about 200 years, this constellation used to be known as "Apis", which is Latin for "bee".
  • In the night sky, the Musca constellation is bordered by several constellations: Crux to the north, Carina to the west, Chamaeleon to the south, Apus and Circinus to the east, and Centaurus to the northeast.
  • The Musca constellation used to be known as Musca Australis, which translates to "the Southern Fly", because it used to have a counterpart constellation, Musca Borealis, "the Northern Fly", located between the constellations Aries and Perseus. Musca Borealis is no longer considered a constellation, however, and Musca stands alone.

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