Nineball Island Totem

'"'Mysterious Voice" is the title of a special request that the player can complete in Endless Ocean: Blue World. It revolves around a particular decoration that the player can buy for Nineball Island.

{[WARNING! This article contains SPOILERS for a special request that only appears late-game in Endless Ocean 2. Only proceed if you are okay with this fact.]}

How to Start the Quest

The player can activate this quest's appearance in their notebook once they buy the "Totem Pole" decoration from Nancy. It costs 5400 Pelagos to buy and is only available after a point in the mid-late game section of a playthrough.

Completing the Quest

Once the player has bought the Totem Pole decoration for their island, walking up to it and pressing the A button to observe it will activate a short cutscene in which the player hears a strange voice whisper:

"I land...two long tusks..."

After this request is made, the player will next need to go to the North Coast of Canada. the player should go to observe the walruses at coordinates A-1, and go ashore. Once ashore, the player should notice a sparkly area on the ice, indicating a quest item can be found there; clicking on this sparkle should grant the player a walrus tusk.

After the walrus tusk has been found, the player should next go to the pod of narwhals located at coordinates D-1/2. When the narwhals are being observed, the player should take note of another sparkly patch on the ice, underwater this time, that indicates a quest item. When this sparkle is focused upon, the player will find a narwhal tusk embedded in the ice.

Once the player has found both the walrus and narwhal tusks, they should return to Nineball Island and offer the two tusks to the Totem Pole. Once this has been done, a short cutscene will be activated, in which the strange voice returns, this time to say the following:

"I am...satisfied...on the sandy thanks..."

The player will have no further encounters with this voice. However, in the days following the successful offering to the Totem, the player will find the "Mirage" pattern of swimsuit laying on the beach of the Island as a reward for their completion of the quest.


  • The Totem Pole decoration the player can buy from Nancy is different to the salvage item that goes by the same name.
  • The in-game description for the Totem Pole decoration states: "A Pelago carving used for ancestral worship. Can be used on Nineball Island."
  • Other than activating this quest, the Totem Pole decoration serves no functional purposes.

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