The Nile Treasure is a one-time salvageable item in Endless Ocean 2. It is made out of stone, metal and high-density materials when scanned using the Multisensor.

In-Game Description

"Part of a great treasure left by 18th Dynasty Egyptian pharaoh Amenhotep IV."


This is a mysterious chest that is found in Osiris's Courtyard in the Zahhab Region Depths, using the clues from the treasure rumor titled "Legend of the Pharaoh" in the player's notebook. However, in order to activate this quest, the player must first have completed the map of the Zahhab Region Depths.

Appraisal Reward

The appraisal reward is fourteen thousand pelagos. Nancy Young also gifts the player the Deity Statue, an item that they can use to decorate their Private Reef.


  • Legend of the Pharaoh mentions someone judging someone with countless hands. The mention might have been referring to the giant squid, which is in the way of Osiris's Courtyard on the player's first trip to the Zahhab Region Depths.

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