North Ciceros Undine

The gap in the rocks where the undine appears. The shoal of Moon Jellies can be seen.

The North Ciceros Undine (also called the North Ciceros Dini) is one of the prominent whirlpools in the Ciceros Strait region. True to its name, it is located in the Northern area of Ciceros Strait, and like all of the other undines in the Strait, it becomes inactive at night.

The creatures that make their homes nearby include Moon Jellyfish and Japanese Jack Mackerel, and the nearby shipwreck is inhabited by European Parrotfish, Sea Goldies, and Indo-Pacific Sailfish, as well as a Great Sturgeon that swims through the area on its rounds.

This Undine also functions as a diving location at coordinates D-3, and selecting it will put you into the water facing South. It has a counterpart, the East Ciceros Undine, which also functions as a diving location from the boat.