North Coast of Canada 5

The North Coast of Canada, located in the Arctic Ocean, is the third available location to explore in Endless Ocean 2.

Animals that can be found here include Greenland Sharks, Narwhals, and Polar Bears.

In-Game Description

While traveling to the North Coast of Canada, the area is described briefly:

This area off the east coast of Ward Hunt Island is frozen year round. Polar bears and seals make their homes on the vast fields of drift ice, while a wide variety of marine life form an ecosystem beneath.

It is also listed under "Area Information" in your diver's notebook:

The ice floes have pushed together to form a solid ice sheet here, but there is still an ocean below. You can see polar bears and seals here all year yound, but human visitors are a rarity. The Canadian government has banned hunting here, but the danger of thin ice does just as good a job of keeping hunters away. Thanks to the protected status of this area, you can see belugas, narwhals, and whales here.

Dive Locations


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