Northeast Area

Several of Northeast Area's Seals can be seen in this photo.

The Northeast Area is just that: the small area in the Northeastern quadrant of the Weddell Sea. This diving spot drops the player character into the water facing Southwest.

The Northeast area is inhabited by a large amount of creatures, including Weddell Seals, Antarctic Fur Seals, Cape Fur Seals, Antarctic Silverfish, and Orcas at a lower depth.

This area has no description in your notebook, but when you dive here, the description on screen reads:

"Penguins and seals entertain visitors to this region with their fish-chasing antics. There are also many whales to be seen here."

The statistics for this region's attractions are three stars for fish, 2 stars for zoom-mode spots, no stars for coral, four stars for dolphins, and no stars for treasure.

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