The Oarfish is a relatively-unstudied species of fish that can be seen in the deep areas of the sea

In-Game Description

"Its fins are red with the front of the dorsal fin and the ventral fin elongated into fine fibres. It lives at depths of several hundred metres and appears to swim at an angle. It rarely comes into contact with humans, so very little is known about its ecology.

[Japanese Mermaids]

Japan has its own records of mermaids, which say they have long bodies and a white head with long red hair; just like the giant oarfish.While different from the common image of a mermaid as having the upper body of a beautiful woman and the lower body of a fish, it is still a beautiful legend."


Endless Ocean

This can be seen in the Abyssal area, swimming with their bodies held at an odd angle.

Endless Ocean 2

This is found in the Zahhab Region Depths, swimming on the western side of the North Crevasse, around co-ordinates B-2, in the Southern section of this box, and at a depth of roughly 400-420 feet (120-130 meters).


This strange creature swims in a roughly circular patrol in its respective areas, occasionally ascending and descending in a similar manner to the Giant Siphonophore