Let's Play Endless Ocean, Episode 18- Ship's Rest38:38

Let's Play Endless Ocean, Episode 18- Ship's Rest.

Ocean's Graveyard (known as Ship's Rest in the North American release of the game) is a location in the original Endless Ocean. Many player report having been intrigued and somewhat startled upon their first discovery of the area, as it's not made obvious that the Graveyard even exists in-game until its discovery.

Local Life

There are many unique creatures that call the Graveyard their home, and are not found anywhere else in the game. These include Great White Sharks, Bering Wolffish, and Banded Houndsharks. Two more prevalent residents include the Orca (which patrols the area during the daytime after the player has found the Life Beads) and the mythical Magu Tapa (which rules over the Graveyard during the nighttime after the player finds the Shark Tooth Necklace).

Location and Geography

The player can access the Graveyard through the Pirate Ship, which changes places between three locations: E-5 (near the Sloping Hallway), H-6 (to the west of Deep Valley), and E-9 (at the very southern edge of the Great Drop-Off).

The two scattered treasures found (in four pieces each) in the Graveyard are the Chinese Porcelain and the Gold Artifact.

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