Ocean Sunfish (Endless Ocean 2, Deep hole)

Ocean Sunfish
Type of Animal: Osteichthyes (Bony Fish)
Species: Mola Mola
Length: 3 m / 10 ft
What it looks like: A Very large and round gray fish.
Location: It can be found in several areas, at various times and at various points of the year
Forms: Adult only

The Ocean Sunfish is a type of bony fish.

In-Game Description

"Easily recognised for its large elliptical body and startled-looking face, it has no clearly defined tail fin but instead has a rounded clavus, a rudder-like fin formed from the dorsal and anal fins.

It has been seen jumping above the water, as well as floating on its side. It may do this to remove parasites, which either fall off from the impact or are eaten by birds.

Running the Gauntlet

The ocean sunfish produces more eggs than any other animal, as many as three hundred million. Most of these are devoured by other creatures and only a few reach adulthood. Incidentally, the young are born with spines.


Endless Ocean

This is found in the Abyss during daytime, around the western side. It is also seen in the Lagoon at night during summer, east of Mo'ia Atoll and in the Coral Forest (at night) during winter and above the "Between Heaven and Earth" area and in Sunshine Beach during Fall.

Endless Ocean 2

The Ocean Sunfish is found at the Deep Hole during the daytime, the Zahhab Region Depths at night, and in the Cavern of the Gods


Only one appears in every location. Sommetimes it can even be found in small groups. But they mostly float solitarilly among the seas.


  • It only appears in The Abyss during the daytime.
  • It only appears in The Lagoon at night and in the Summer.
  • It appears in Mo'ia Atoll day and night, but only in the Winter.
  • It only appears in Coral Forest at night and in the Winter.
  • It appears "Between Heaven and Earth" and in Sunshine Beach, but only during autumn.
  • It only appears at Deep Hole during daytime.
  • It only appears in the Zahhab Depths at night.
  • It appears in the Cavern of the Gods day and night.
  • There is a golden ocean sunfish, known as the Apollo sunfish, that appears in the second game as a legendary creature, found in Deep Hole at night. It is unlocked after seeing the regular ocean sunfish.