The Octans Coin is one of the one-hundred Constellation Coins the player can collect in Endless Ocean: Blue World. It can be found occupying a zoom-mode patch in the Cortica River area at coordinates B-1, placing it on the path through the relatively perilous area known as the Mangrove Maze. This means that there is a chance that the player may encounter an Electric Eel or two while searching for this coin, so it is advised that caution is taken when looking around the area. 


  • The Octans constellation has a name that is Latin for the eighth part of a circle, but it is named after the Octant, a navigational instrument similar to the Sextant.
  • This constellation is one of several noted by French astronomer Nicolas Louis de Lacaille that represent scientific and navigational instruments, including Caelum and Microscopium.


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