The Octopus (aka the Common Octopus) is a species of cephalopod that is well-known for its distinctive appearance and abilities.

In-Game Description

"It has eight tentacles equipped with suction pads growing from its round body, with a membrane between each one. The tentacles can also divide and one octopus was found to have 96 tentacles.

It can change colour to blend in with its surroundings and uses this ability to protect itself. One of its favourite foods is crab.

[Using Ink]

The ink an octopus squirts when threatened diffuses in the water and acts as a smokescreen to blind its attacker. Squid produce a huge quantity of ink which does not diffuse but creates a cloud that looks like the squid, diverting the attacker's attention."


Endless Ocean

Large but loosely-packed groups of octopi (or octopuses) are found around the wrecked ship in the Ocean's Graveyard (which is accessed via the Pirate Ship) and near Deep Valley.

Endless Ocean 2

Groups of these are found in Valka Castle and Ciceros Strait, close to shipwrecks and other nooks and crannies. A small group of them makes its home on the floor of the Spiral Tower.


Endless Ocean

These creatures swim slowly, staying close to the seafloor. They appear as solitary creatures and do not group together.

Endless Ocean 2

They can be seen hiding away close to shipwrecks and swimming about slowly close to the seafloor. If the player pokes or pets them, they shoot out ink as a startle response.


  • The octopus actually has blue blood instead of red. This is because its blood uses copper as an oxygen-carrying atom instead of iron (like mammals), thus making its blood a different colour. Its blood, however, is only blue when oxygenated, and is colourless when non-oxygenated.
    • This contrasts with human blood, which remains red no matter if oxygenated or not, despite the popular myth that says otherwise.
  • The octopus has three hearts. There is one main heart, which distributes blood to the rest of the body, and two secondary hearts which are placed next to the gills. These secondary hearts are charged with oxygenating blood and sending this freshly-oxygenated blood to the main heart, which then pumps that blood throughout the body, as mentioned.
  • Hank, a cranky character from the Disney/Pixar film Finding Dory, is a common octopus.


  • A photograph of a real-life octopus.
  • A real-life juvenile octopus.
  • One famous but cranky octopus