The Olive Flounder is a large fish with the scientific name Paralichthys Olivaceus. It is well-known for its distinctive body shape and camouflage skills.

In Game Description

Endless Ocean

"These fish have flat, elliptical bodies with both eyes on the left-hand side. The left side of the body is brown (although it can change colours to match its environment), while the other side is white. This fish can be seen year-round in Rock Bluff and other places."

Endless Ocean: Blue World

"This flat fish has both eyes on its left side and a large mouth full of sharp teeth. Its top side is normally brown, and its other side is white, although its colour can change depending on its surroundings. one way to tell it apart from the similar righteye flounder is to check the direction they face when laid flat; olive flounder face left and righteye flounder face right.

[Moving a Single Body Part]

When young olive flounder are floating freely after hatching, they have one eye on either side like any other fish. When they grow to about 1 mm, their right eye starts to move toward the left, and by the time they are .5 in., it has moved over completely to the left-hand side. This gives the flounder an improved field of view as it lies on the seafloor."


Endless Ocean

In the first game, a few Olive Flounders can be found around the Rock Bluff area. An easy-to-find one rests at one end of the Gallery of Souls, but the other specimens may be a little more difficult to find.
Olive flounder

A real-life Olive Flounder.

Endless Ocean: Blue World

These fish can be found in Ciceros Strait , around coordinates E/G/H-1, A-5, G-6, and D-7. Though a few can be found during the daytime, players have reported that they appear more often during the nighttime.


Adult specimens hang about in the overworld, resting on the seafloor and moving around slowly on occasion. They may kick up sand if disturbed. Young individuals can be found under zoom-mode glows, and will often kick up sand in an attempt to disguise themselves. these fish like being fed and stroked, but they prefer food, and feeding an individual in the second game will unlock the species's trivia information.

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