The Opah (Lampris guttatus) is a large deep-sea fish.

In-Game Description

"This fish is oval, with a characteristic red mouth, back and fins. Its slightly protruding mouth has no teeth at all.

Young opah bear a striking resemblance to sunfish.

[Looks Can be Deceptive]

As it looks like a mola mola, which is often called a sunfish, the opah has become known as the moonfish. However, it is completely different species and more closely related to the oarfish."


Endless Ocean

A small group of Opahs can be seen high up in the Abyss and above Deep Valley at night all year round.

Endless Ocean 2

Three can be found in the North-Northeastern part of the Cavern of the Gods, but only after it has been re-opened.


Endless Ocean

The two above Deep Valley just swim around, but the ones high up in the abyss appear to be swimming upward.

Endless Ocean

These fish patrol the hallways back and forth near the entrance to the Cavern. They are often accompanied by small groups of Cleaner Wrasse.


  • They can be found day and night in Endless Ocean 2, but only at night in Endless Ocean.


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