The Orange Sea Slug is a small species of sea slug that appears in both games.

In-Game Description

"This bright orange sea slug has two protuberances near its tufted gills. The base of its antennae, tail area and tips of its protuberances are a luminous pale blue.

It lives on rocky reefs, and sways the protuberances beside its gills as it moves.


The chances of tiny sea slugs meeting in the ocean are low, so they cannot rely on chance encounters for breeding. They leave a scent trail wherever they go so others can follow it to find a mate for procreation."


Endless Ocean

Orange Sea Slugs can be found all over on coral and sandy areas near coral.

Endless Ocean 2

These are found in Gatama Atoll, around coordinates C-5, G-6, and B-7.


Under glows, they can be found by themselves, with another sea slug or even with a Sea Star. They like food and being stroked.


  • These can be found day and night, but they are more active in the daytime.
  • In one part of the Fragments Of Memory quest, ML asks for the player to take a picture of an Orange Sea Slug.
  • It is recommended that players bring Oceane with them if they are searching for this creature, as it can be somewhat hard to find without the extra zoom-mode spots she can see.

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