The Orange and Black Sea Slug is a species of sea slug in both Endless Ocean games.

In-Game Description

"This sea slug is orange with black spots and two large finger-like protuberances on its back.

It is popular with divers for its bright colour and the sight of it swaying its protuberances while moving.

[Standing Out to Protect Itself]

Many sea slugs are easily found by predators because of their bright colours. Sea slugs have an unpleasant taste, so their loud colours may act as a warning."


Endless Ocean

These can usually be found in enclosed environments such as the temple ruins in Mo'ia Atoll.

Endless Ocean 2

These can be seen around Deep Hole.


These are found under glows, by themselves, with another Orange and Black Sea Slug or even with another fish. They like being petted and fed.

Due to their coloration (which camouflages them surprisingly well), they can be somewhat hard to see until they move. This makes taking clear pictures of them a bit troublesome.


  • These can be found day and night in both games at all areas.
  • Occasionally these can be seen inside Deep Hole, usually at Deep Dome, the very bottom.


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