The Oriental Butterflyfish is a form of coral reef fish.

In-Game Description

"Round, bright, and yellow, this is a perfect example of a tropical fish. There are thought to be roughly 120 varieties of this species, and this one is able to live farthest north of them all. It can withstand temperatures as low as 53°F for a short time."


Endless Ocean

These are found mostly in the Lagoon and other coral-filled areas.

Endless Ocean 2

These are found in Ciceros Strait at coordinates A-4, B-1/3/4, C-2, D-1/3/7, E-7, F-2, F-5, and G-2/5/7.


These fish swim about in large, loose groups over coral-filled and rocky areas. They respond positively to food, and are very common, making them easy to find. they also do not have any trivia.


  • This fish is very aesthetically pleasing due to its bright colours and rounded, friendly shape. It is also hardy, able to withstand many conditions (as mentioned in its in-game description), and both of these facts make it a popular fish among aquarium-keepers.
  • This fish is one of the many species that forms distinct pairs during mating season; however, any other time of the year, they either live in groups, or they live alone as a solitary creature.
  • Though Wikipedia seems to be hailed as the go-to source for any and all information, the Wikipedia page for this fish contains very little information about it.

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