Ornate wrasse 1

Ornate Wrasse
Type of animal: Fish
Species: Thalassoma pavo
Length: 10 in
What it looks like: A blue fish with orange, yellow, green, and red; Extremely colorful
Location: Ciceros Strait
Forms: Adult only

The Ornate Wrasse is a fish found in Endless Ocean: Blue World.

In Game Description

"This fascinating fish is a mix of green, blue, orange, and other colors. It is a member of the Labridae family, which contains many brightly colored fish."


Endless Ocean 2

  • This fish can be found in Ciceros Strait at D1 and E5.


They are found swimming in a small group with Goldeye Rockfish. At E5 there is a big group swimming near surface.


They are found right in the center at D1. They can be found both day and night.


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