The Parade-Float Sea Slug is a very morphologically distinct species of sea slug. It appears in both games.

In-Game Description

"Almost unidentifiable at first glance, this elliptical sea slug is covered in white, yellow, and red protuberances. It glows pale blue when stimulated, but its biology is largely unknown. It normally moves along the ocean floor but sometimes floats near the surface."


Endless Ocean

This small creature can be seen year-round and likes enclosed spaces, such as caves or ruins.

Endless Ocean: Blue World

Specimens can be seen in Gatama Atoll under zoom-mode glows around coordinates D-5, B-7, G-6, and H-6.

One that is very easy to find is at coordinates H-6, right on the Private Reef Entrance path. It will appear and disappear, but is only found at night. That specific zoom-mode glow is occupied by this slug (and several small fish) or a Red-Streaked Box Crab, so just return to the boat and dive again if you can't find it. It is recommended that the player bring Oceana with them to easier locate potential hiding spots.


These sea slugs can be seen under zoom-mode glows. Only one of them is found per glow, but it is sometimes sharing space with small fish, like Bicolour Angelfish or Starck's Demoiselle. It swims about slowly, glowing occasionally, and glows more if poked or petted.


  • This is one of Oceana's favorite creatures.
  • This sea slug is actually the only member of the genus Kalinga, in real life.
  • This creature's in-game behavior reflects its real-life behavior, as they are nocturnal and prefer to live on sandy or silt-covered parts of the seafloor. They also like to eat Brittle Stars (a close relative of the Sea Star), which is actually a completely unique diet for a nudibranch (sea slug).

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