The Paradoxical Frog is a species of freshwater life that only appears in Endless Ocean: Blue World. It is small and only appears under zoom-mode glows.

In-Game Description

"You might think that these enormous tadpoles would grow up to be giant frogs, but they actually become smaller as they mature and are only 6cm long as adults.

This is the paradox that gives them their name.

[World's Largest Frog]

The world's largest tadpoles are those of the paradoxical frog, but the largest frog in the world is the West African goliath frog.

The largest recorded frog is 36.8cm long and measured 87.6cm with its legs fully extended."


Endless Ocean: Blue World

These creatures are found only in the Cortica River, Midstream, around coordinate areas B-4, B-2, A-2, and C-1. If the player is having trouble locating these creatures, it is recommended that they bring Oceana, as she can see more zoom-mode spots than the player can if they are alone.


These are found under glows, in small groups of two or more. They swim about in slow, aimless patterns and respond well to being fed.


  • This is one of Oceane's favorite creatures.
  • Another common name for this creature is the Shrinking Frog, once again based on the fact that it shrinks as it gets older.

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