Patterned Pottery

The Patterned Pottery, known as the Flame-Patterned Vessel in European releases, is a four-piece salvage object found in Mermaid's Tunnel (Great Aqua Cave).

After re-assembling it, Kat will say to you:

"I know this design. It was made in Japan during the Jomon period. The pattern is really cool. It could be fire, but it could also be water. ...That's funny.

Yeah, it looks almost like some kind of flaming tidal swell. Fire and water, together again! Hee hee! Hey, I know a guy who's really into stuff like this. I'll drop him a line. He can probably tell us more."

You'll get an email from someone named Norisuke Takahashi, that says:

"Good Morning. This is Takahashi again, from the ethnology museum? I heard that you collected more pottery pieces! The new pottery is similar to that of the Japanese Chiba prefecture. However, upon further review, we found subtle signs of additional South Pacific cultural references. This leads us to believe that there may have been an exchange of communications and cultures between Manoa Lai and Japan over 10,000 years ago. Tf true, this is very big news indeed! Thank you very much for your assistance. I've attached a little gift to this email. Enjoy!"

What the Patterned Pottery is based off of

An example of Jomon pottery, which is most likely what this salvage item is based off of. This type of pottery originated in Japan and was mostly hand-built using layered coils of clay.

Opening the attachment gives you the Milky Way suit.

In your foot locker, the pottery is described as: "Pottery covered in images of either flames or flowing water. It is between 2,000 and 10,000 years old."


All of these coordinates are within Mermaid's Tunnel/Great Aqua Cave.

  • G-3, 25 meters/65 feet
  • I-3, 18 meters/59 feet
  • G-7, 30 meters/98 feet (in the lower of the two caves)
  • E-7, 13 meters/43 feet (underneath cliff)

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