The Pavo Coin is one of Endless Ocean: Blue World's one hundred Constellation Coins. It can be found in the Cortica River area at coordinates B-4, near the Western wall of the river right as it begins to wind to the East. As this coin is near the Perilous Waters area, it is recommended that players take caution to not be attacked by the Red Piranhas that live nearby.


  • The Pavo constellation is a constellation in the Southern sky with the Latin name for “peacock”.
  • In Greek mythology, the peacock depicted in the constellation was originally a man named Argos (also spelled Argus), who built the ship the Argo. He was turned into a peacock by Hera and placed among the stars next to his ship.
  • Pavo and the nearby constellations of Phoenix, Grus, and Tucana are collectively known as the Southern Birds.

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