The Pegasus Coin, one of the one hundred Constellation Coins in Endless Ocean: Blue World, can be found in the Zahhab Region, right in the middle of the grid coordinates D-1, D-2, E-1, and E-2. A common strategy to finding this coin is to dive at location D-2 (Long Fissure) and go forward a bit, then focus on any nearby zoom-mode glows. In this coin's zoom-mode patch, a few Yellow Boxfish live.

This coin is one of the six needed to complete the Voice of the Night Sky quest "The Hero Perseus".


  • The constellation upon this coin depicts the Greek mythological creature Pegasus, who was a winged horse that burst from the neck of the slain Medusa after the hero Perseus killed her.
  • One myth regarding the powers of Pegasus says that his hooves dug out a spring, Hippocrene, which blessed those who drank its water with the ability to write poetry.
    • The word "Hippocrene" comes from the greek bases "hippos", meaning "horse", and "krene", meaning "fountain".

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