Pelican Eel

Eurypharynx Pelecanoides

The Pelican Eel is a deep-sea species of eel that appears in both Endless Ocean and Endless Ocean: Blue World.

In-Game Description

"This eel has a giant sack-like mouth and a long, soft thin body with no scales.The tip of its tail has a luminescent organ which it is thought to use to attract prey.

[Eats Whenever It Can] Because there is so little life at the depths of the ocean, this eel doesn't know when the next opportunity to feed will come. This is why it developed its giant sack-like mouth in order to eat much more food in a single meal.

It has small eyes located on the tip of this giant mouth."


In Endless Ocean, these eels are found in the Abyss, mainly near Fiend's Cave.

In Endless Ocean 2, these are found floating over Chimney Forest in the Zahhab Region Depths, as well as the area around and above the Giant's Lair.


These float in loose groups around 345-360 ft [105-110m] deep. They do not respond to many stimuli beyond using the Underwater Pen . In this respect, they are similar to the Fanfin, because both of these creatures do not give you their names unless given markings from the pen to swim around, at least in the first Endless Ocean.

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