Cortica River Perilous Waters

A view of the lovely horde of piranhas that greets the player in this area.

Perilous Waters is the title applied to the southernmost section of the Cortica River Midstream. This area is filled with dangerous Red Piranhas that swim in tight schools. They don't bother the player too much if they feed them (A common tactic is to go into feeding mode, in which the player can still swim, and frequently put out food), but caution is still advised. This area also has a few scattered zoom-mode spots.

Later on, Perilous Waters blends in with the territory of the somewhat aggressive Spectacled Caimans inhabiting the river, continuing to fit the criteria its name requires.

In the player's notebook, Perilous Waters is described:

This southeastern area of the Cortica River Midstream was given its ominous name because of the great number of piranhas that swim there.Would anyone actually go diving here?


  • In the player's notebook, the description for this area asks the question "Would anyone actually go diving here?", and the answer to this question is (rather) obviously "yes", as the player is required to go diving here as a part of multiple story missions and other side quests, as well as to gather information about the creatures living here and to fill out the map. However, the question in the notebook may be rhetorical, and not actually genuinely inquisitive.
  • Despite this area's purported danger, this area is not likely to be too dangerous in a realistic situation, as Red Piranhas are actually primarily scavengers and foragers rather than hunters. Thus, they would be unlikely to attempt to attack a creature as large and threatening as a human, made even more threatening by the heavy and bulky equipment the diver must wear to go underwater, and furthermore the wetsuit the player is wearing would be difficult to bite through, especially for the comparatively small teeth of the piranha.