The Perseus Coin is one of the one hundred Constellation Coins found in Endless Ocean: Blue World. It can be found in the Weddell Sea's Iceberg Cavern, right between coordinates C-2 and C-3. In the zoom-mode spot, a pair of Bald Notothen fish can be found swimming around the coin.

It is one of the six coins needed to complete the Voice of the Night Sky quest "The Hero Perseus".


  • The constellation on this coin is named after the Greek mythological hero of the same name. He was the one who killed the monstrous Medusa, releasing Pegasus and his brother Chrysaor from her dead body. He also killed the sea monster Cetus, who was set to devour the princess Andromeda, saving her in the end.
  • In the night sky, Perseus lies near the constellations:

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