The legendary Phantom is a jet black Manta Ray. It is mistaken for a ghost, due to both its mannerisms and appearance, and thus earns its nickname.

In-Game Description

"This is the jet black manta seen in the silent ruins of Valka Castle. This foreboding creature roams the deserted ruins like a ghost. There is a superstition amongst the inhabitants of Ciceros Straits that the spirits of those who die at sea return as rays.

Could this be the shade of the former owner of the castle, the prince himself?

[Phantoms of Valka Castle]

Valka Castle, built by an eastern European prince in the 16th century, was said to be haunted even before it sank into the sea.

The ghosts were probably the vengeful spirits of peasants or enemy soldiers executed by the cruel prince. This explains why Prince Valka became obsessed with the occult and mysticism in his later years."

Documentation Process

After the main storyline of Endless Ocean: Blue World is completed, the player's notebook will remark upon several reports of a "ghost" in Ciceros Strait's Valka Castle. At night, you and Oceane dive into the Castle, and are then instructed to search for the reported ghost. After the mysterious entity rushes by a few times, evading sight and documentation (as well as spooking Oceane and the player, earning some teasing from GG), the player and Oceana will chase the creature into the Mermaid's Ballroom, where it is revealed that the "ghost is actually this mysterious, jet-black ray with a strange mark on its belly that is said to resemble the royal crest of the Valka family.


After the events listed above, the Phantom will be seen in the Mermaid's Ballroom in Valka Castle at night only.


Endless Ocean Blue World How to find Phantom00:42

Endless Ocean Blue World How to find Phantom

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