Picture Frame

The Picture Frame is a static (non-moving) salvage item in Endless Ocean. Finding the Picture Frame unlocks a new hairstyle for the player. This item is located in the Eastern section of Sunshine Beach, under a glimmering zoom-mode spot at co-ordinates M-5 and a depth of five meters, or sixteen feet.

After the player discovers this treasure and returns to the boat, Katherine will say:

"You found a picture frame? That's kinda weird...Oh my gosh, that photo is HILARIOUS! Hee hee! People sure had strange hair back then! And check out that mustache! that's crazy! He looks like Mozart or Bach or one of those old music guys...Aw, I shouldn't laugh. They'd probably hate my jean shorts."

The player will turn their head to the side, thinking. Katherine will then say:

"Huh? What? What's wrong? Did I say something weird?

Oh, I get it. you want a new hairstyle, don't you? Well, aren't you the fashionable one! Ok, I'll see if Doug has any old hairstyle magazines lying around."

Then, the player will soon get an email from Doug with a new hairstyle attached for them.

Picture Frame 2

In the footlocker aboard the Gabbiano, the Frame's description reads:

"A small picture frame fashioned out of elegant precious metals. An old picture is still inside."

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