The Pillars of Light from the front entrance.

The Pillars of Light are a location in the Cavern of the Gods in Endless Ocean 2. They are named after the direction they are facing - east, where the sun rises.

They are about 10 stories in height, just like their west-facing counterpart, the Pillars of Shadow. The main entrance is just across from the Stone Cavern Entrance. The pillars also lead to the Celestial Mausoleum.

The first time in the cavern, the main door is locked, with a mural of hieroglyphs, later translated into English by Hayako Sakurai. A device inside the Pillars later opens the mural after the player character uses the Dragon Flute to play the Song of Dragons, which opens the door via an ancient and unknown mechanism that only responds to the Song.

The Singing Dragons appear here after the original encounter as well as several Commerson's Dolphins and a Nomura's Jellyfish.

In-Game Description

The Pillars of Light are described in your notebook as follows:

"This huge hall, the counterpart to the Pillars of Shadow, leads to the Celestial Mausoleum. It contains a pod of Commerson's Dolphins."


  • The singing dragons in the area cannot be ridden on, although they seem to be large enough.
  • The singing dragons are gone at night, or during guided tours.
  • It is very easy to get lost here because it is all symmetrical.

    A singing dragon.