The Pillars of Shadow from the main entrance.

The Pillars of Shadow is a location in the Cavern of the Gods in Endless Ocean 2. They are named after the direction they are facing - west, where the sun sets.

They face opposite of the Pillars of Light, and are about 10 stories in height. The main entrance is from the western hallway. The pillars also lead to the Celestial Mausoleum.

The first time in the cavern, the door is closed, and the door is actually a mural of hieroglyphs, translated by Hayako Sakurai. A device facing opposite of the door opens the mural.

Several Coelacanths are seen in here, as well as one very rare one, and at night, two goblin sharks and the highly aggressive Okeanos's Guardian appear as well.

In-Game Description

The Pillars of Shadow are described in your notebook as follows:

"This vast hall was closed off by a number of secret mechanisms. It contains coelacanths--also called living fossils--and goblin sharks."