Pilot fish

The Pilotfish (Naucrates ductor) is a large fish of the trevally family. They have been known to follow whales, sharks, and other big fish, eating scraps of food and parasites off the host's body. Some have even been known to follow ships, leaving some people to believe that they direct ships to their desired locations.


These are seen in the second game only, around:

Zahhab Region, E&F-1&2, D-5, 6 and 7


Several follow the Whale Shark, and others stay near the Gray Whales and Orcas. Probably eating the scraps the shark and the whales leave behind.


  • The ones that swim near the Whale Shark dissappear at night
  • The ones that swim near the whales are found day and night
  • Joe, the main antagonist of the Danish animated film Help! I'm a Fish, is a pilotfish.

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