The Pink-Tailed Chalceus is a small, brightly-coloured freshwater fish.

In Game Description

"A pale pink fish whose tail is a particularly beautiful shade of  pink and the origin of its name."


Endless Ocean: Blue World

This fish only appears in the second game, found only in the Twilight Temple in the Cortica River area.


They float in small, loose groups above the Sacrificial Well, mixed in with the other shoals of small freshwater fish, like Blue Discuses and Green Terrors.


  • In real life, this fish prefers highly oxygenated waters, meaning that the river has a strong flow, gathering oxygen from the outside air. Despite this, the in-game example of this species is resting in a fairly stagnant area of the river.
  • In real life, a larger aquarium than normal for a fish of this size is recommended, as these fish are reportedly capable of changing speeds very quickly and might injure themselves by ramming into the sides of the tank accidentally.


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