The Piraiba Catfish is a type of catfish found in the Cortica River in Endless Ocean: Blue World.

In-Game Description

"Said to be the world's largest catfish, with some animals known to exceed 300 kg. Its massive body and enormous mouth have given it the nickname 'man-eating catfish'.

It is delicious and often served fried or used in soups."


Endless Ocean 2

The Piraiba Catfish occupies the bowl-shaped area under the Spirit Falls in the Cortica River's Upstream area, just in front of King Amaru's Aqueduct.


The solitary catfish (the only one in the game) swims in a slow patrol in front of the entrance to the Twilight Temple, as if guarding it. It likes food, being stroked, and being in pictures.


  • Players will eventually give this animal the Servant's Ring that was earlier found in Valka Castle, and it will change into the Golden Catfish. The catfish found in the area will then randomly switch between the two on subsequent visits, although it seems to be entirely random, as several players have reported certain variables having no effect on the appearance of the catfish, such as the weather patterns or time of day.
  • This is one of Oceane's favorite creatures.

In Real Life

This catfish is said to be the world's largest, but the Wels Catfish and Mekong Giant Catfish have also been given that title.

There are records of individual fish over 3m, but the authenticity of the records is questionable. The current record should probably go to a Mekong giant catfish found in 2005 which measured 2.7m, but it's possible that an even bigger one will be found.

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