Pirate Compass

The Pirate's Compass is a salvage item in the first Endless Ocean game. It is a mysterious item that is somehow related to the Pirate Ship, and may have once belonged to the same people that the Ship belonged to.

Many players think that completing the Pirate's Compass is a necessary part of unlocking the Pirate Ship (and thus the Ocean's Graveyard area), but that is not the case. The player simply needs to fill in over sixty percent of the main map and receive a certain email before the Pirate Ship will appear.

The footlocker's descriptive text for the completed compass states:

"A compass with a message. It says, "On seas we live. On seas we die." -- E-5, H-6, E-9 --".


The precise locations of the four parts are as follows (coordinates, depth):

  • M-1, 5 meters or 16 feet (On the sand between the corals in the Lagoon)
  • B-8, 4 meters or 13 feet (On the rock just as it drops into the open ocean)
  • J-9, 11 meters or 36 feet (On the sand near Secret Lake's central rock)
  • H-1, 1 meter or 3 feet (On the sand in Tanguana Bay)

(Locations retrieved with help from user Dolphinnerdcay1136)

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