Endless Ocean (Wii) - Pirate Ship, Sunken Ship

Endless Ocean (Wii) - Pirate Ship, Sunken Ship

The Pirate Ship is an abandoned vessel that can be seen floating around the Manoa Lai sea in Endless Ocean.

Local Life

No creatures make their homes in or around the Ship. However, the area that the Ship leads the player to is rich in unique sea life.

Location and Geography

In order for the Pirate Ship to appear, the player must have filled in more than sixty percent of the main ocean map. After that happens, an email will come in from Katherine's coworker Douglass describing stories of a "ghost ship" that are being told by the locals. After the player reads this email, the Pirate Ship will appear.

Once it appears in Manoa Lai, the Pirate Ship switches between three locations at these coordinates: E-5, H-6, and E-9. The player can enter a large hole in the port side (the left side) of the ship in order to be taken to Ship’s Rest, which is where the Pirate ship ends up after drifting on a strange and mysterious current.

The Pirate's Compass is a related item that is engraved with a strange line of text, as well as those coordinates, perhaps as a hint to the player as to where to look. Many players used to think that having the completed Compass was required in order for the Pirate Ship to appear, but that is not the case.


  • The Pirate Ship is only one of two functioning boats that appears in-game. The other is the Gabbiano.
  • At Ship’s Rest, the Pirate Ship always stops at a certain place, where it stays until the player enters it again (which brings them back to the main ocean). However, beneath where the Pirate Ship stops, there are ruins of a wooden boat that bear a striking resemblance to the Pirate Ship itself.