The Pisces Coin is one of the 100 Constellation Coins scattered all throughout the world in Endless Ocean: Blue World. This coin is located at co-ordinates A-4 in the Cortica River, inside Queen's Lake, the hidden area frequented by Amazonian Manatees (and only accessible after befriending the special Amazon River Dolphin, the one colored all-pink).


  • The Pisces constellation, seen in the night sky, actually looks nothing like a fish, but instead of being seen as one fish it is actually supposed to resemble a pair of fish bound together with a long cord, representing the Greek myth about Aphrodite and Eros, who escaped from the monster Typhon by leaping into the sea and transforming themselves into fish.
    • The myth of Typhon may actually relate to the Spectacled Caimans inhabiting the Cortica River, as Typhon was said to be very reptilian and scaly. This also fits with the Pisces coin being found in a place free from the Caimans.

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