Plesiosaur Fossil 1

The player observing the Plesiosaur Fossil in a cutscene.

The Plesiosaur Fossil is a landmark in Endless Ocean. It is found embedded into the wall to the South of Whalebone Chasm in the Abyss with Frilled Sharks swarming around it. Located at coordinates F-6, it is near one of the entrances to Secret Cave.

When you focus on it using the A button, Katherine will chime in on the radio, saying:

“Hey! This is a fossil! I think it’s a type of Plesiosauria. This thing is in really great condition. It’s amazing that the entire body has been preserved.”

This fossil is no longer a fossil when it makes its appearance in Endless Ocean: Blue World. Instead, it appears as the ultra-legendary Sea Serpent, which in reality is most likely a member of the Plesiosauria family.

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