The Polar Bear is a giant white bear that lives in the North Pole in Endless Ocean: Blue World or on board the deck in Endless Ocean.

In-Game Description

"This bear is large and white, with a small head and ears and a thick layer of blubber. Although its body hair looks white, it is actually transparent; it appears white due to reflected light.

The polar bear lives inside the Arctic Circle, where much of the ice is now receding due to global warming. Because of this, its habitat has shrunk and there is a real threat of extinction as the population continues to decrease.

[Formidable Strength]

The polar bear has sharp claw and fangs and a biting force of 800 kg, and sits atop the Arctic food chain. It also has a keen sense of smell and can pick up the scent of a seal swimming underwater.

However, it has a low success rate when hunting walrus and can even be fatally wounded fighting them."


Endless Ocean

This bear can occasionally be seen on The Gabbiano, even more occasionally with young.

Endless Ocean 2.

One is seen in the North Coast of Canada around the B-2NW ice hole.

During the middle of the main story, Hayako will want some information on this animal, so the player will find her then. She is probably a female, as she is commonly seen with younger polar bears.



The polar bear and her son.

They mainly sit on land, by themselves, or with young.


In the first Endless Ocean game, players complained that it was silly to have a Polar Bear on the boat, considering they're only supposed to live in the Arctic Circle, realistically, and would have little to no chance of surviving in the tropical temperatures and environment of the Manoa Lai Sea, much less being able to climb onto the player's boat.

Upon the release of the second game, the Polar Bear was moved to a much more reasonable spot, one that coincided with their real-life habitat.


  • These can be found day and night in both games


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