The Popeye Grenadier is a small species of deep-sea fish that makes an appearance in both Endless Ocean and Endless Ocean: Blue World.

In-Game Description

"This fish has large eyes and a body that narrows towards the tail. Larvae of the macrouridae family, such as this species are rarely encountered as they never live near the surface. As such, there are many unknowns concerning its ecology.

[Different Scales]

The macrouridae family divided into subfamilies as a result of evolving and adapting to different environments. The macrouridae subfamily have ctenoid scales with small spines at the rear, and the bathygadinae subfamily have smooth cycloid scales.

This species is a member of the macrouridae subfamily and has ctenoid scales."


In Endless Ocean, they can be found swimming in The Abyss, mostly around the whale skeleton in the Graveyard.

In Endless Ocean 2, they are seen in the Zahhab Region Depths, mostly in the Secret Passage.


They swim about in large, loose groups. They seem to like fairly enclosed spaces, as that is where they make their home in both games.

They like food and the light from the Underwater Pen.


  • They are bioluminescent but are nonetheless camouflaged well, making them rather hard to spot unless you're swimming right into them

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