The Powder Blue Tang is a form of coral reef fish.

In-Game Description

"This fish is brightly colored in blue, black, white, and yellow. It has a spine where the tail joins the body that can cause injury if touched.

Native to the Indian Ocean, it is often found near coral reefs."


Endless Ocean

These are found as schools of fish, mostly in the Lagoon area. However, they tend to gather in any area that is rich in coral.

Endless Ocean 2

These are seen throughout Zahhab Region. One large group swims near the entrance to the Cavern of the Gods.


Large, slow-moving clusters of these fish can be found swimming around and above coral. They like being offered food.


  • The spine placed where the tail joins the body on this fish (mentioned in its in-game description) puts it in the family of fishes known as the surgeonfish, named particularly for this scalpel-like blade. Other fish in this family include the Naso Tang, the Sailfin Tang, and the Blue Tang.

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