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Praya dubia
Species: Praya dubia
Type: Other
Length: 40 m/130 ft
What it looks like: A jellyfish-like creature with a trail of yellow tassels.
Location (EO) The Abyss
Location (EO2) Zahhab Region Depths
Time Night
Forms Adult only

The Giant Siphonophore, also called by its binomial name Praya dubia, is a 130-foot-long plankton. It is one of the largest invertebrates and appears in the abyssal regions of both games.

In-Game Description

This creature is made up of an umbrella called a swimming bell and extremely long, thread-like organs. It is not one single animal but is actually made up of a huge number of tiny organisms, making the species a living colony. Each individual organism has its own duties, such as feeding, reproducing, attack or defense, so it can cope with anything.

Big or Small

When people talk about plankton, miniscule creatures usually come to mind. However, this 130ft long species is actually a type of plankton. Plankton is actually defined as a floating creature that is unable to resist ocean currents and has no swimming ability; it is not related to size.


Endless Ocean

It can be found at the depth of 495 ft during daytime in the Abyss.

Endless Ocean 2 

Three are found in the Zahhab Region Depths at day and night, however, it is easier to find at night.


It slowly floats around, usually by hydrothermal vents. Photograph it to get its trivia.


  • This is only found during the daytime in the first game, and is found day and night in the second game, although it is more active at night.
  • This is one of the harder to find animals due to it mostly being found at night
  • It can only be interacted with after a cutscene is triggered


  • Praya Dubia swimming in the aquarium

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