The Purple Queen (Pseudanthias pascalus) is a small fish only found in Endless Ocean 2.

In-Game Description

"It is definitely worth trying to see schools of this beautiful deep purple anthias near coral reefs. Of you get to see one up close, you will find that its mouth is more pointed than those of other varieties."


The Purple Queen can be found in Gatama Atoll at coordinates A-7, A-8, B-3, B-4, C-6 and F-2.


These fish swim about somewhat slowly in large, loose groups. They like being fed.

Purple Queens

A group if in-game Purple Queens.


  • The Purple Queen is actually a fish in the Anthias family, making it related to the Sunset Anthias and Stocky Anthias.
  • This fish is also known as the Amethyst Anthias, reflecting its brilliant purple colouration (which is also referenced in its more common name of "Purple Queen").

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