The Purple Tang (Zebrasoma xanthurum) is a small fish that appears in Endless Ocean 2.

In-Game Description

"This fish has simple but striking colouration, deep purple with yellow pectoral and tail fins. It lives in Red Sea and around East Africa, and can be the highlight of a trip for visiting divers."


Endless Ocean 2

These small fish can be found in large groups in the Cavern of the Gods inside of the rooms that house the Altars of Nephthys and Osiris.

They also make occasional appearances in the Private Reef.


These swim around in large, loose groups, and respond positively to being fed. They do not move in unison and are not easily startled.


  • These fish are in the family Acanthuridae, which means that they are related to fish like the Lined Surgeonfish, the Whitemargin Unicornfish, and the Powder Blue Tang.
  • These fish have small spines on their caudal peduncle that are used for defence. The caudal peduncle is where the tail of the fish attaches to the body., the "wrist" of the tail, if you will.
    • Despite the presence of these spines, this fish poses no harm to the player.


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